Decided to try building a capsule wardrobe

Managed to pare my selections down to the essentials… and by essentials, I mean around 80 articles of everyday clothing, both dressy and casual.


I just can’t part with my graphic tees, a lot of them for sentimental reasons, and I like splitting my black and brown color palettes for my accessories!

Fashion is hard.
Also, I’ve been up since 2:30am because my brain started thinking and wouldn’t stop. 6 hours strong, yaaaaaay :/

Anonymous asked:

holy shit ghostbusters is on netflix

Yeah, I watched it on there a few months ago! It was okay. Don’t remember seeing it as a kid, so I probably had no attachment to it to really love it. Or I might not have been paying attention that night. I dunno.

Well, I’m impressed

My crush/fwb/composer is actually being pretty professional about scoring my short film. Like he’s actually asking for my input and listening and understanding what I’m telling him that I want for the music.

I had heard some unflattering stories from my other composer friends about how difficult he is to work with, but I’ve always gotten along with him, and we know how to talk to each other, and we know how well we work together, if you know what I mean so hopefully this will turn out well and I’ll like what he gives me.


Why does it always go this way

I really need to accept the fact that, realistically speaking, I’m only ever gonna attract boyishly sensitive man children and burly oafish shlubs for actual relationships instead of the tall skinny dark-haired artsy-smartsy boys I’m attracted to

But nooooo the mind and body want that they want

Universe/Cupid/Whoever/Whatever, please give me more Tom Hiddlestons and Chris Cornells and less Martin Freemans and Seth Rogens

although I’m sure they’re lovely people, don’t get me wrong, I’m just being superficial here

and my second boyfriend always gave me Martin Freeman vibes based on the roles he plays without any of his real-life British charm soooooo yeah there’s that association

And can these guys please be trustworthy and wanting a commitment, because the ones I end up dating aren’t and the rest who would be are already taken by prettier yet basic women 

although those women are also probably more emotionally stable than me because they’re so basic and uncomplicated and are easier to have relationships with, soooooo yeah there’s that

Anonymous asked:

Would love to hear more about your current film projects!

Just trying to finish the one that should have been completed in July for school, one friend is finishing sound design and another is composing the music.

Also developing another screenplay that will be my first attempt at a feature adaptation of a play.